Get Your Own Web Store

Your Own Web Store

If you’ve ever sold products online through eBay or Amazon, or even just looked into it, you may have noticed the high fees that eat into your profits on each and every sale.

As a business seller on eBay, you’ll be paying up to 11% for each item, plus the standard 3.4% from PayPal for receiving payment from your customer.

And that’s not even mentioning the often unfair treatment to sellers where dodgy buyers and negative feedback are concerned – which eats into your profits in a different way.


There is a way to cut this out, not only saving you seller fees, but allowing you to build a true brand as well.

By having your own web store, you can sell products through your own storefront.

This means your own website on your own .com (we’ll help you with this bit too of course).

You can have categories, coupons, related product section… Even an e-mail list for offering customers more products or deals.

All of this just like any other online store you’ve shopped from.

Your store can be used in the following ways:

  • To sell your own products
  • Drop shipping
  • Digital Products (e-books, courses, services)
  • Affiliate Products

We Also:

Set up an SSL certificate to secure your webstore. This is vital for all web stores, and allows your customers to shop safely and securely.

Set up a blog on your store
– So you can create your own posts. Great for SEO and content marketing.

How It Works

  • We go through your requirements with you and build the store. We’ll even list a few of your products for you or “with” you (on the phone or Skype) to show you how it’s done and how it’ll look when filled out. This also gives you some templates to work with if you’re a complete beginner.
  • We set it up so you can list your products with descriptions and images. Listing this way is even easier than listing on eBay.
  • We make sure you’re connected to take payments through PayPal or Stripe.
  • We’ll be on hand to advise you after your first sale, first hiccup, and answer any questions.
  • We’ll even give you advice on what we know works best if you want us to.
  • If you’d like a free quote today then just get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. We can go through your idea and show you what we would do with it to get it online.

What our clients say…

I contacted Entrepreneeds Ltd last week as I needed some graphic design work for a business project I am currently working on. I have used the services before so this was my first point of contact. My request was acknowledged very quickly and within the hour my artwork was completed! I had one to one contact with Vikki so we could discuss my specific requirements and we were able to adjust the graphics until they fitted my needs perfectly. I am always impressed with this very professional and personal service and will be a regular returning customer in the future.

Debs    Devon   

We needed our website freshened up as it hadn't been changed since 2006. The results were fantastic. We get more business and it looks great on mobile.

Jess    UK   

Wow is the best way to describe Vikki at Entrepreneeds. I had an idea to start up my own business. I have never set up my own website before and didn't really understand how any of it worked. I looked at a few where they show you how to do bits and bobs but to be honest, they were all charging money for something I didn't know how to set up properly and I really wanted my site to work. I was given Vikki's name and contacted her. Shes was brilliant and still is, she's still working with me even though she has completed it (and in record time too, working unsociable hours on it). I have chopped and changed my mind so many times on how I wanted things done and she never once complained, I had the feeling of full support from her. My site is now up and I am so proud of it. She has worked very closely with me to get everything perfect, explaining things I didn't understand and taking the lead where she needed to. I would recommend her to anybody and I have done to close friends and family. Once you find perfection, you stick with it!

Lana Good    Southampton