Matched Betting

Matched Betting

Tax free, risk free and fast.

Matched Betting is a fantastic method that many people in the UK use to make tax-free profits without any risk.

Matched Betting is without a doubt a great place to get started in business if you’re self-funded in your ventures. Many entrepreneurs in the UK dabble in Matched betting because it is without a doubt the best way to turn £300 into thousands in just a few months without any financial risk.

This is a great choice if you find yourself in a position where your dream business costs more than you currently have and finances are strained. You may not be in a position to fund your business with a loan or you just might not want to – After all, taking a loan out on a business idea is a huge gamble in any case.

You might just want some top up cash for your business and this is the best way to go about it. It’s profitable, it’s easy, it’s guaranteed and it’s tax free. There really is nothing quite like it.

Many young entrepreneurs and students in particular are fond of this method. Additionally, if you’re just looking for a part time home business then this is a brilliant solution. The downside is that profits are limited to around £1000-£1200 per month for users doing every offer, so this should be looked at as a stepping stone for UK entrepreneurs who have high ambitions and low start up funds.

Nonetheless, it is a good earner that can help pay the bills and keep the lights on when starting out in business. It’s very easy to learn so it won’t distract your focus too much and it’s incredibly easy to make a few hundred pounds every month with a few hours here and there.

This is hands down the fastest way to make guaranteed money that you will come across if you live in the UK.

Show Me How to Start Matched Betting!

Show Me How to Start Matched Betting!

How to Make £1000 a Month

We have a post on the forum walking you through the steps of making £1000 each and every month. Here are the previous months’ results.

May 2016 Total: £1147
June 2016 Total: £1654
July 2016 Total: £1214
August 2016 Total: £1345
September 2016 Total: £1049
October 2016 Total: £1020

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How does it work?

Simply put, we take the gambling out of betting by betting against ourselves each time. We use a second website to bet against ourselves, and MATCH our bet. This means that no matter what happens, we would break even because our money would either land in site 1 or site 2.

Our profit comes from using free bets that bookies give to new and existing customers. We can obtain roughly 80% of a free bets value in withdrawable profit by doing this.

Where normal customers would bet and hope for a big win, we take a small guaranteed amount out of every single bet that soon adds up to a lot of money. This is more profitable than simply betting your money away. Of course some people like the rush of gambling, but we look at it in a business way and our thoughts are only of extracting profit without risk.

Check out the video below for more about how Matched Betting works if you’re slightly lost at this point. It’s worth learning how to do this, even if you only spend 3 hours a month that could mean an extra £100 a month. EASILY.

Show Me How to Start Matched Betting!


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    For a limited time, the free trial offer would net a profit of £163 regardless of the match result. To give you an idea of how this is different to gambling, if you had just put the maximum stake of £5 on Manchester City winning, you’d have made £255 profit. We take less profit, but we take profit every time.

Why Else Are We The Best Place To Matched Bet?

Exclusive Forum

One of our greatest features is our community and forums. They are incredibly active and full of the members who are actively matched betting, sharing valuable advice with each other and helping people who ask questions.

We have hundreds of helpful topics, but a few stand out above the others. These are some of my favourite’s:

How to Make £1000 a month – Step by Step
Starting out thread
Major Events List – (Never miss a promotion)

We also have a social forum and daily posts about new offers that have limited time. Occasionally bookies will have a “First 1000 people get this bonus”. I haven’t missed a single one of those since joining because the forum will have it up within minutes.

Excellent Support

With several members of staff working 7 days a week to answer support tickets through both the helpdesk and the forum, you won’t be stuck for long if you run into any difficulty. You can rely on getting help pretty quick from either a member of staff or another member if you just ask.

Extra Software

Profit Accumulator have developed their own software and tools to help you go further with matched betting, and speed up your bets and tasks. You get special software to help you find the most profitable matches to use your free bets on, and there’s even more tools to help you with the reload offers after you’ve done the sign up offers. This goes towards making Profit Accumulator the best place to matched bet in the long and short term.

Matched Betting Explained Video

Big Wins

So occasionally, you’re going to get a big win. This can happen for a range of reasons.

Some of the best bookies will give you offers to make a straight £50 profit. Sometimes you might get your “winnings” boosted on the bookie site, giving you an extra chunk of profit you weren’t counting on getting originally.

Another method we have is using casino and slot promotions. There are a mix of risk free and ones that carry some small risk but are worth doing for value. These are easily marked so you can stick to just risk free ones if you want. You could even just stick to using free bets if you wanted to.

Here are a few of the bigger wins posted by members and my myself…

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Matched Betting FAQ

How long does it take to make a profit matched betting?

You could be in profit on day 1 if you’re pro-active and take action.

How many people currently do matched betting?

While the numbers can never really be confirmed, we’d estimate that at least 25,000 people in the UK are currently doing this. From those using it a couple of times a month for an extra £100 a month to the people who gave up their day jobs to stay home and pull in £1200+ a month.

Do I need to know much about Sports to do matched betting?

No. Having no previous knowledge of sports will not mean that you can’t do matched betting.

Prior sports knowledge may help you find the bets a few seconds quicker. But so can being able to read fast, having a good internet connection and not having a dinosaur age computer. The point is that there are many factors that will shave a few seconds off of each offer you do with this, but the main thing will be experience.

Sports fan or not what takes you 20 minutes now will take you 2 minutes in a few days/weeks.

How much time do I need to do matched betting?

That depends how much money you aim to make. This will vary month to month slightly, and this is assuming you use the time efficiently and wisely. These are NOT earnings claims but what you’ll find many people are achieving if using the right tools, information and especially forums…

You should have at least:
4 hours a day to make £1000+ a month. (This can easily rise to £1700 on good months)
1-2 hours a day – £650 a month
3-4 hours a week – £350 a month
1-2 hours a week – £170 a month

Why do the bookies still give free bets if they have so many people using them this way?

Free bet offers are the main way bookie’s obtain new business. The sign up offers are to pull in average punters and those who just want to gamble, and act as a temptation for bookies to obtain their competitions’ business too. All things considered matched betters are still a relatively small minority in the bookies’ eyes. We’re worth the losses they take to bring in the people who are likely to bet and lose a LOT of money.

Additionally, the bookies don’t lose ALL of the time. Remember, because we back AND lay our bets, a lot of the time the money ends up ‘lost’ to the bookie – and won for us in the exchange.

What they don’t like though, is that matched betting is looking at it from a business perspective. We’re extremely calculated. We do this to extract profit, not to take a gamble. We don’t place emotional-driven bets from a love of sports or impulsive gambling behaviour, so we’re not going to be as profitable for them as they’d like us to be.

Are all the sign up offers as easy as the ones on the free trial?

There are lots more that are just as easy, and the website is designed so that you build up to anything that has an extra step or condition before you can profit. By the time you get to something that would look like a nightmare right now, you’ll have built up the knowledge and the confidence to tackle it head on. Don’t forget that the forums are there to help you if you need it. Close matches, explanations, real-time help – there is nothing that you have to be ‘stuck’ on.

What happens when I go through all the sign up offers? Is there more?

Of course there’s more! We wouldn’t be able to continuously earn from it otherwise!

After you complete the sign up offers, you’ll have all these fresh new accounts you’ve just opened. They want you to come back and gamble with them, so they’re going to offer you more free bets.

Well if they insist…

Some of these offers will be similarily as basic as the sign up offers, some won’t. Those that want to take maximum earnings will need to spend some time learning new methods. By this point though, you’ll have built up your profits and should have done quite well for yourself – You’ll know you’ll want to move forward when the time comes.

How much money do I need to start?

The more you have to bet and bet against yourself with in the start, the better. Many people have started on just £50 and taken it nice and slowly, withdrawing from each bookie as they go. This will NOT make you the £1000 a month until many months down the line, but you will still be profiting nonetheless if this is all you have.

By that logic, the more you have the better. I found that £300 was enough to do enough offers as a complete newbie and not overwhelm myself with open bets and free bets to place.

Either way, your journey will be slightly different, but this amount doesn’t affect whether you profit or not, just the speed that you complete the sign up offers and move onto reloads.

More money = Faster earning
Less money = Slower but NO LESS earnings.

What do I need to start matched betting other than information?

You’ll need some ID. Bookies like to check you’re over 18 and in the UK for legal reasons. Bookies can get hefty fines in the hundreds of thousands region if a minor manages to bet and withdraw from their site. They can also get fined if they let people launder money, which is what a lot of criminals use betting sites for.

It helps if you have a second bank account for this as you can keep it all separate from your personal finances. It can get a little confusing to see your bills and shopping mixed in with lots of bookie withdrawals and deposits.

I personally recommend a little Excel knowledge for keeping track of your profits and free bets. You can use OpenOffice for free if you don’t have or want to buy Excel. Some people use paper, but if you’re highly active that will soon get overwhelming.

I don’t have a PC or Laptop, Can I do matched betting from a mobile or tablet?

Technically, yes. I would personally say it’s harder because you need to switch between tabs frequently, but many members have managed to do this with just devices. If you don’t own a PC then you’re likely to be really quick and adjusted to the device anyway, so would have an easier time than most.

Most matched betters will place the occasional bet while on the go on a device.

There are also a ton of mobile only offers that can be done. There’s no PC only offers either, so no disadvantage to using a device other than how fiddly it’s likely to be.

How long will matched betting last and be around for?

If I told you I knew the answer to that I would be lying. No one knows, we can only make educated guesses. Fact is bookies rely on free bet offers to pull in customers, both new and repeat. We can always make money from free bets, it is the life and soul of matched betting. Extra things such as Best odds guaranteed and price boosts boost our earnings without needing free bets.

To take away the promotions would be like Amazon stopping Prime just because a minority of customers abuse it. It’s not going to happen any time soon. I think the DFS sale will end first.

What they can and often do, is change the terms of offers to make it a little harder. However, they have been doing this for years, and as always, we adapt and find the best way to profit just as quick as they can change things.

This is another benefit of being a member. YOU don’t have to find a new way around an offer change. Someone else will find it and share it on the forum. You just have to occasionally update yourself to stay ahead.

Is matched betting really tax free? How can matched betting be tax free?

Yes it is! You can call HMRC and ask them yourself if you’d like, but I imagine the more people that do that the quicker they’ll find a way to tax it!

Your matched betting profits are classed as gambling winnings. The same way you don’t pay tax on bingo wins, scratch cards and normal betting. Just because you use a system it doesn’t change the fact that this is non-taxable earnings.

Unfortunately this also means you can’t use it as declared income when proving it for things like loans and private renting, but as many have done there is nothing to stop you using the profits to set up a real business and fund it with matched betting profits.

I already have some betting accounts from before, can I still make good money matched betting?

Absolutely! You may miss the sign up offers, but your account will be good to go on our reload offers! Plus, you’re only likely to have a fraction of the sites we use already.

Additionally, you may find they give you more personal offers that are e-mailed to you only because you have an older account. There’s a lot of ways to profit and sign up offers are a distant memory for a lot of our user base who are strictly doing reload offers.

Does matched betting affect my credit rating?

No, matched betting will not make it harder to obtain credit. Bookies will do “soft searches” on you that may show up in your credit reports, but this is just to check you exist and are on the electoral roll. It is part of the checks that they have to do so they don’t allow minors and money launderers!

The search that they do does not affect the credit rating. In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn about what actually does affect your credit rating, Money Saving Expert have a fantastic guide on their website explaining what affects your rating and how to improve it if you’re worried.

As mentioned elsewhere on this page, matched betting profits are non-taxable and non-declarable, so if you’re earning £1500 a month from matched betting, you cannot use that as an income when applying for a loan or credit. We have a lot of information on the forum covering all of this in more detail if you would like to know more.

Can I lose money matched betting? What can go wrong?

If you’re doing it correctly, you won’t lose money.

If you make a mistake, you can end up losing money through human error. It doesn’t happen very often if you’re following the guides. You’re not doing anything overly complicated so don’t worry about this happening.

I’ve made about 3 mistakes doing this out of thousands of bets placed. Each time cost me roughly £20. One time I forgot to place the second bet because my phone rang. Another occasion I wasn’t paying attention and put my back bet on the wrong team or something along those lines, it’s been a while!

Losing £60 though, it didn’t even dent what I had earned that month. I know that sounds quite odd not caring about losing £60 but if I have to make £60 in losses each month to make over £1500 profit then I’m happy to make those losses.

And that’s the important thing to remember. The errors are going to be your fault, and that’s a good thing because it keeps you in control.

Show Me How to Start Matched Betting!

Already Matched Betting? Check This Out To Increase Profits…

So if you’re already matched betting, then brilliant, you already know how powerful it is.

Hopefully, you’ve completed all the sign up offers and are making your way through the massive amount of ‘reload’ offers or ‘existing customer offers’ to make even more profit.

A big chunk of the £1000+ a month which is easily achievable, comes from horse racing refunds.

PA already show you how to do these newer offers and profit you will, but there is some extra software to make things quicker and easier.

Match Catcher has powerful alerts and filters, which makes it a lot easier to take part in Saturday Channel 4 Racing Reloads on limited time. It’s also worth noting that you’ll get access to the currently in-development accumulator software when it’s complete if you pay for yearly access of Match Catcher.

You don’t need an active Profit Accumulator subscription to be able to get Match Catcher.