Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

Tools To Grow Your Amazon FBA Business

FBA is fun, and a lot easier than selling on eBay or merchant-fulfilling – But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tools that can help you kick it up a notch or ten.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is a way of selling items online. Instead of traditionally shipping out each individual order from home which takes a lot of time (packaging, labelling, dealing with customer service on each order), Amazon do all that for you for a fee from each sale. All you have to do is send your items to Amazon in one box. You can even have Amazon label them for you if you want! This way of selling is extremely profitable and something I am personally focusing on as a long term goal. The earning potential is next to none. Amazon handle everything, once your stock is there (which is collected from your home if you choose), all you may want to do is tweak prices once it’s there. Then all you have to do is send more stock in when it sells. It’s incredibly easy and very capable of bringing in over £5000 a month profit.

So, onto the good stuff!

Product Research Made Easy

Researching products to sell on Amazon is by far the most difficult part. What will sell? What won’t?

Nobody wants to be stuck with stock they can’t shift. It limits cashflow and it slows you down.

Finding items you can source and sell on for a profit is hard enough, but there are some tools and software that can make this a much less tiring task.

Whether you’re sourcing existing products or going into Private Label, JungleScout is your go-to tool.
JungleScout have TWO different products.

Chrome Extension

Gives you live data on products and their:

Estimated Monthly Sales
Best Seller Rank

Find items with low number of reviews selling high quantities!

Works for UK Amazon as well as US.

Web App

Lets you find out what’s selling, gives you tons of product ideas and lets you:
Find extremely low competition items
Track items
Niche Hunter

Serious sellers will usually pair the web app with the chrome extension but the web app only supports the US Amazon site. Whilst that is a small downside for UK sellers, you can use it to find gaps in the market. Find products doing well on US which aren’t on the UK site and source those for your UK store.

Free Trial available.