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Free Simplified Business Plans

Many entrepreneurs who are self-funded skipped the business plan stage. More than ever people are ‘winging it’ in the world of self-employment. This can often happen with hobbies that became incomes, and passion projects that started to pay off. Some people get set in a routine and just keep going along, not knowing how to take it to the next level, either because they’re content or they’re just not sure how.

But just because you skipped out on it then doesn’t mean that there’s no use in writing a business plan now. A business plan is a plan of action, and having something to refer back to can do many useful things:

• See new opportunities
• Come up with new ideas
• See your weaknesses
• See your progress
• Give you milestones to work towards
• Keep you motivated (It really can help! Especially when working alone)


A good way to start planning is by thinking about every different piece of the puzzle that makes up your businesses operations.

Download one of our business plans and fill out each of the boxes and when put together this will read like a simplified business plan.