New Skills & Training

New Skills & Training

There are plenty of affordable and beneficial online courses you could take to improve your skillset for business. A recommended site is Udemy, who have over 40,000 courses on pretty much anything you could want to learn. Instructors and courses are reviewed and rated by students, so you can read what others had to say before signing up to any course.

You get access to the course for life, and a lot of the courses have several hours of video tutorials.

Check them out below, or scroll on to see a few of the best rated stand out courses on offer that will help you as a small business owner or entrepreneur.

There are also a bunch of free courses on Udemy too, so be sure to check them out and add them to your account.

Examples of Courses on Udemy

WordPress Website Courses

SEO for WordPress

If you’re building a website and plan to get onto Google, an SEO course from Udemy will help quite a bit. Whilst SEO is constantly changing and becoming more about high-quality content (something that is harder to teach), the technical aspects taught in SEO courses still apply. It’s still important to follow certain practices for SEO and Udemy is a great place to learn them.

This course here is the highest rated SEO course for WordPress website’s and covers every aspect you need to think about for getting your website ranked on Google.

SEO practices taught in these courses can be adapted to anything like e-commerce listings on Amazon, YouTube videos, and classified advertisements. Anything that performs a search for the user’s keywords or query can benefit from SEO.

WordPress Security Guide

This one will give you the information needed to keep your website secure from hackers and show you exactly how through video tutorials.

Website security is absolutely essential and can be hard to figure out without any prior experience.

Basic Website Creation Course

If you’re completely new, there’s a very low-priced course on creating a WordPress Website with no coding or experience available here.

Digital Marketing Courses

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2016

This Facebook course has over 8,000 students enrolled and is one of the top rated online courses for Facebook PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

For those unfamiliar, Facebook will display your ads to your allocated budget. So for example, lets say you had a post you wanted to promote using Facebook ads. You have a £10 budget, and you set it to show to Females aged 18-24 (your target demographics). Facebook estimates that it will be shown to 1,000 people. Of those 1,000 people it gets shown to, lets say 50 of them click on the link or like the post. This counts as an engagement or action. Based on that, Facebook ads will tell you that your campaign performed as costing you £0.20 per action/engagement.

One of the main goals of advertising in this way is to make your advertisements, images, demographic selection and timing as optimised as possible to get the best value for your money. The lower it costs for each action, the better – in most cases. You still have to make sure that the people it’s reaching are going to be good for business and not just likely to click like of course, but this course goes over all of this and shows how to get actions/engagements for as low as $0.01.

Facebook ads get incredibly expensive, so taking some time to optimise them is essential. The course is also updated frequently to keep up with constant changes. There’s nearly 10 hours of video and lots of resources and articles to read.
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