Should You Be Using Them To Market Your Business?

Leaflets, whilst on the surface appear to be declining in today’s very digital world, still serve their purpose in drumming up business. Even though it’s not the most environmentally friendly method of advertising now there are other options, leafleting has been the most popular method for local businesses and services for decades.

There are some distinct pros of using leafleting as a type of advertisement for your business, and some cons to take note of.


Easy & Non-Technical
It’s very hard to hit number one on Google, even for something like “Plumber in Cornwall”. Especially if you’re the plumber, and not exactly a website building SEO expert. It’s considerably easier to have a stack of leaflets printed and drop them through letterboxes in the local town than it would be to take a crash course on SEO or spend hundreds on hiring someone to do it for you.

More Likely to be Kept/Passed on

When your leaflets go through the door of potential local customers there’s a chance that they get put to one side, especially if there’s a discount voucher attached. Next time they need a plumber, then they won’t even need to go to Google in the first place. Whilst this is less common now with how easy it is to Google from smartphones, you will hit a huge niche of customers who:

1. Like the convenience of having a leaflet by the phone.
2. Want to use the discount/leaflet promotion included.
3. Hate the internet / Struggle to use it

According to the DMA, as many of 79% of leaflets are kept, passed on, or browsed through by the recipient.

Customers Actually Want You To
Research has even shown that many customers prefer local services and takeaway’s to advertise to them through mail rather than email, and the stats are pretty high for quite a few other industries.


Environmentally Unfriendly
It’s important to remain as environmentally friendly as possible. Leaflets handed out in the high street are very often thrown away or dropped on the ground. This is a part of the stigma attached to handing out flyers in the streets. Letterbox is the best way as more chance of the recipient recycling it if they’re not interested in keeping it.

Additionally, printing itself is not very environmentally friendly in the first place, so try a small order to begin with and scale up as you need. The last thing you want is boxes of undelivered leaflets stored in the house either!

They Need Delivering
If you’re dropping leaflets in letterboxes, then you’re going to need to deliver them yourself or pay a company to. Target your area’s correctly. If you’re running a small order then you really will want to target the right neighbourhoods. No one will be able to do this part better than you. It’s your city, your business and your leaflets. If you run a roofing service then you wouldn’t be prioritising delivering leaflets to a new housing estate that hasn’t had time for the roof tiles to become weathered. Think like this, and you’ll find you know more than you think about marketing and targeting. A lot of that will come from knowledge of your job/service itself, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to make smart business choices, but you should be an expert in your business.


The idea of the leaflet really, is to be their choice before they need one. A good business will always have SEO on their side too, but new business owners and local businesses should take advantage of the ease of leafleting.

While everyone is striving for the largest social media following, you could have an easier time getting noticed with leaflets. If you’re struggling for local business and haven’t tried posting leaflets, then it’s time to change that.

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    Leaflet Distribution Law UK

    You may need permission to advertise your business in some areas. You’re not allowed to just stick a leaflet on a post and hope the calls come in!

    According to the UK Gov site, you may need to apply for a license to hand out promotional material in your area. This includes business cards and leaflets, free newspapers and takeaway menus.

    However, you do not need to apply for a license if you’re only intending to leave your leaflets inside of buildings and in letterboxes – so if that is all you intend to do with them, you don’t need permission.

    If your local high street is a decent place to hand out flyers and gets lots of traffic that would be interested in your business, then it may be worth the hassle, even more so if your business is better communicated by networking and involves selling yourself. Be warned though – Some councils are known for charging for licenses, so be sure to check this. If your council does charge, then it may be best to avoid the method and just stick to posting them in letterboxes or other excluded locations.