E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

What it is, Why You Should Use it, and How To Get Started.

E-Mail marketing is another key piece of technology to increase sales and conversions. It is a way to retain contact with customers long after they have visited and left your website. Building an e-mail “list” (A list of subscribers who have asked to be notified), allows you to contact them when you have new products, new discounts, or just want to remind them of your existence.

E-mail marketing and list-building can also serve the purpose of educating your audience. For example, if you sell slow cookers, you could send your customers a series of e-mails showing them the latest trending recipe’s, encouraging them to use your product, and even come back for another slow cooker (they’re a hugely popular gift).

If you release a new product on your website, you ideally want to make your regular customers aware right away, rather than hope they see your Facebook post regarding it. A situation likely to arise if you’re not paying for Facebook advertisements.

Yepp, Facebook charge you to display your posts to customers who have already liked your page. A pretty low tactic, but this is where e-mail marketing succeeds where Social Media lets us down.

Whatever type of business you are running, an e-mail marketing list is practically essential

Even if most interaction with your customers is done via Facebook, phone or face-to-face, an email marketing list can add so much to your business and save you a lot of time.

Even for something simple, like adding a new service to your portfolio, a few clicks and one typed message could send a simple e-mail such as…


[content_band style=”color: #333;” bg_color=”#d8e590″ border=”all” inner_container=”true”] [custom_headline style=”margin-top: 0;” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h3″]

Dear {NAME} (Yes your email list will put their name),

Just to reach out and let you know that we’re now taking bookings for the summer season from tomorrow, just give us a quick call at 01234 567890 and we’ll get you booked in.

June bookings will have a 20% discount from the prices displayed on our website (make “website” a clickable blue link, very easy)

All the best,
Steve from Randombusiness

If this business has a moderately small list, then that could be going out to around 600 of their previous customers and the 300 who have signed up to their email list and have not booked in their first appointment yet, for example.

That’s quite powerful stuff.

The same Facebook post may only get seen by 100 of your customers if you’re unlucky. Even when you pay there is absolutely no guarantee that everyone of your most valuable customers will see it.

A common myth is that e-mail marketing looks very promotional and pushy, but as you’ve seen from the example above, even a small local business can use it in a way that connects them even better. The above e-mail also offers a promotion, and encourages a click back to your site to check what those June prices were for the more price conscious customers in your database.

When the replies start rolling in, you can reply yourself and it will still give a very personal, connected and professional experience with the customer. It may be a good idea to have a few pre-set messages like discussed in Professional Writing Communications for Business if you’re sending to quite a few people.

Realistically though, if you’re completely new to e-mail marketing your list is going to start at 0, and you’ll have no idea on where to start.

GROWING A LIST – Getting Started


Growing a list takes time. Not only time, but you’ll also need to pay attention to how your subscribers respond and react to your emails. The stats we’d use for this are also called analytics and include things such as how many people open your e-mail and how many people click the links within them.

Making sure you’re sending out the right sort of e-mails is important too. That means the right content that is both engaging and passes their spam folder checks.

Just like with producing content for blogging and other parts of marketing, you’ll need a strategy. You need a good reason to e-mail them, and they need a good reason to click and take time out of their day to read it. It all comes back to providing value. What can you give them? What can you give them that they actually want?

Discounts? Cheat sheets? Exclusive content? It all depends on your business and your audience.

But whatever you do, don’t half measure! If you promise something to subscribers, deliver on it!

Promising an interesting series of e-mails is never usually enough, it helps to also use something else to entice your audience to subscribe for more.

Lead Magnet


Another great idea for growing a list is to use a “lead magnet”. This is something that new subscribers can get almost immediately after subscribing. In other words, a sign up incentive. Take this site for example: My list offers an e-book I wrote specifically for that purpose. Upon subscribing, the first e-mail that goes out gives them a download link for that book.

The e-book I offer is about setting up a social media presence. The thinking behind it is that whether you are here to learn how to set up a business, or grow the digital presence of an existing business, that e-book will offer you something of value. It doesn’t just target the small group who are here to learn about Matched Betting or Affiliate Marketing, but fits in with every other function of this website.

Why did I do this?

Many reasons – and they all link up.

The first thing to know is that I put the majority of my best tips into that book for Social Media and I give it away for free. This is not me under-estimating the value of my book. It is purposeful.

This website has several functions.

1. Provide information to business owners with subjects such as marketing (this article). It allows a lot of you to follow along the tips and do-it-yourself.
2. Offer paid tools such as our Promo Designer.
3. Offer my digital marketing services to business owners who aren’t part of the do-it-yourself crowd or those that don’t specialise in marketing.

So, where does this book fit in with the above?

1. It’s a do-it-yourself guide to follow along, pretty obvious for this one.
2. I want your business to succeed. There’s no point you signing up for our tools and services if you’re not going to succeed. Besides, if you’re not making sales on what you produce with our services because you’re lacking marketing, then you’re going to cancel your subscription to these tools eventually.
3. Potential clients looking to hire me can read through and get a good idea of how I work and how much I know.

Some of these fit much better than others. 1 and 3 are pretty solid but number 2 is a bit weaker. That’s okay though because when they subscribe and pay, they’ll get a series of e-mails explaining how to get the most of these tools from me using the e-mail address they signed up with.

The last of those e-mails will have the book download link within and the option to opt-in to the Entrepreneeds main mailing list for business owners. I’ve staggered it this way so that those wishing to monetise the tools have the option to learn more without information overloading them with 2 sets of e-mails at the same time, and by the point they get to the marketing information e-mails they will have had time to get adjusted to using the tools.