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Free Business Software

Every business needs software…

There are hundreds of pieces of software available to help you, whichever business you’re in. Some cost a few dollars, some cost thousands, but on this page you will find a collection of FREE software that you can get right away without any cost or card details.

When looking for your own free software, it’s important to be vigilant and only download things you know are 100% safe. The software on this list is all either completely free, open source (where volunteer developers keep it updated and maintained), or have a freemium model (where there’s a free version and a paid version with more features).

Note Taking Software

Note taking software will change your life if you’re working from computers and devices a lot, and have complex projects on the go. Note taking software makes it incredibly easy to keep all of your thoughts in one place and have it synced across multiple devices.


OneNote is a complete solution to note-taking needs and keeps everything in one place so that you don’t have to have loads of saved word documents everywhere – and of course it syncs with your phone so that you can write your notes on the go and edit on computer and such.


It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 but if you’re on a different operating system you should be able to get a free download of it from the link above. There are a few similar programs used such as Evernote but OneNote has the easiest interface and set up.

With OneNote you can have unlimited notebooks, sections and then pages. You are also able to drag and drop most types of files and images (even full length PDF’s) into OneNote. It’s very easy to pick up and use and has gained a lot of popularity amongst students and internet entrepreneurs recently.

Additionally, there are free extras you can add, such as an extension to save web pages or articles to your note books.

I’ve found that not only am I more organised by using it, I’m also more productive and moving through projects quicker by having all of my thoughts in one place.


Alternatively, you could try out Evernote – OneNote’s main competition. Traditionally used by many entrepreneurs working from their computers this is another fantastic tool to keep all your thoughts, ideas and notes organised and on hand across devices. Evernote has some paid features that are pretty cool, such as the ability to turn your notes directly into slides – but this is not necessary and a free forever plan is available.

Either way, pick one of these tools up today for free. You won’t regret it. Having everything in one place in just one program with effortless switching saves you time and increases productivity. Everything is automatically backed up online as well so no worry of losing files.

Free Office Software

Running your own business without Microsoft Office can be a pain, and unless you have some sort of discount or deal then it can also be pretty expensive to buy, especially when starting out! Luckily, there is an alternative in Apache’s Open Office suite.

Containing everything that you would get in the paid version with just a few minor differences, Open Office is a fantastic piece of software that will allow you to save hundreds.

It has it’s own Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Publisher just under different names.

Also worthy of a mention is LibreOffice, which is pretty much the same as OpenOffice but with more active development and updates. We found Open Office ran better on older computers but if this isn’t an issue for you then pick up LibreOffice.

Free Image Editing Software

As our businesses become more and more digital, our advertising methods have often become more visual in an attempt to grab the reader skimming through their Facebook news feed. Vibrant and attractive looking adverts are getting the most attention, and they can rarely be done well in pre-loaded Windows programs like MS Paint.

There are quite a few free sites and programs to edit images on, all matching various needs. If your business relies heavily on design then it may be wise to invest in something like Photoshop, but for the majority of business owners the cost of Photoshop often outweighs its usefulness. If like the majority you are looking for free but effective image editing software, then check out the recommendations below.


Gimp is the image editor most comparable to Photoshop that you will find for free. That goes for the difficulty level too though unfortunately, but it is definitely the most advanced open source image editor out there.

Available on Windows and Mac.


PicMonkey is a free website with a premium option. It has a lot of drag-and-drop style features for those looking for something much simpler than Photoshop or Gimp. Whilst that also means it doesn’t do a huge amount of different things, it will fit the needs of many who are looking to make adverts for Facebook.

Available on Windows and Mac.


Paint.NET is a more powerful version of Microsoft’s Paint. Allows you to work with layers which is essential for so many types of design tasks.

Without layers, you can’t go back and move individual parts of the file, once you save it, that’s it.

Whilst it is nowhere near as powerful as Photoshop or alternatives, it can be a handy piece of software.


Inkscape is the free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.
Available on Windows and Mac.

Productivity and Time Saving Software

Your time is money, so speeding up several aspects of your work is going to be hugely beneficial. These programs are universal and will suit all businesses and even personal use.

Start saving yourself time right now. These programs will save you so much time you’ll find it impossible to go back to anything else!


Install and Update All Your Programs at Once!

Ninite is a small application for your computer that makes installing and updating all your usual Windows programs a breeze – and incredibly safe too!

Every system restore or new computer purchase takes time to get set up to how we prefer it. Not only that but applications need updating often.

Ninite does all this, and some other cool stuff for all your free Windows applications.

On top of installing and keeping your programs updated, Ninite’s highlights include:

  • Says no to toolbars or extra junk
  • Does all it’s work in the background
  • Skips requests to restart your computer (no interruptions)
  • Downloads only from official sites

As a business owner or entrepreneur, this will do three important things:

  1. Save you time
  2. Keep your PC safe
  3. Keep your programs up to date

Just another piece of awesome free software that will save you time for many years to come!



Pushbullet is an app and Chrome extension that work together to link your devices to your PC.

This will allow you to get notifications on your desktop (never miss text messages again), and also send web pages directly to and from devices.

If you’re reading an article on your computer, you can push it directly to your phone and vice versa. This is very useful for those of us always on the go or switching between desk and sofa, and office to home. Free with a premium option.


Dashlane and LastPass are password manager programs. These keep all your passwords under one master password, and allow you to autofill all login screens when browsing. They will also generate strong passwords for you when making new accounts online or changing existing passwords.

These programs keep your accounts more secure than ever, and make switching accounts very easy. This is perfect for those switching between work accounts and personal accounts – especially social media!

Both are free but have premium features. There are many password managers out there but these two are the best for both free versions and paid.

‘Everything’ (Search)

Everything‘ is a neat little program that replaces the slow Windows search. This thing is lightning quick and shows results as you’re still typing. Ideal if you’re always looking for files on your PC.

Free Computer Cleaner Software

Keeping your computer clean and regularly running a speed up fix will help keep it running smooth and prevent it slowing down as much as it usually would over the course of its lifespan.

It’s also beneficial for keeping your machine fairly free of spam and other temporary files that clog up your hard drive.


Ccleaner lets you run a quick clean up of your PC. Doing this regularly helps get rid of the mass amount of temporary files that build up from general web browsing.

This means everything runs a little faster than it would if you let it get clogged up, naturally.

You can choose not to delete specific things such as saved passwords, cookies and browsing history when clearing up, giving you complete control.

Very useful piece of software that keeps your machine running smoothly.


Desktop E-Mail Client

Mailbird lets you sign in to all your e-mail accounts at once and will give you desktop notifications in the bottom right corner of your screen when you get an e-mail on ANY of the accounts you have connected.

You can then view all of your e-mails in a unified inbox or you can view each account separately. It integrates the calendars associated with those e-mail accounts and displays them in a small panel on the right. So if you’re using a Google Calendar app on your phone then you will have all your events synced with your desktop. The free version lets you sign into 3 e-mail accounts, which is just perfect for the average user.

Here’s a quick look at the interface, showing an Amazon e-mail at the bottom, the calendar to the right and the e-mail accounts on the left.

Additionally, you can install internal apps from within Mailbird. For example, you could have your Facebook logged in within Mailbird so you don’t need to go onto your browser.


Note – They charge $12 a year to have more than 3 accounts connected at once. You get 30 days free when you download it and also when you invite a friend. If budgets are tight you can just have a friend download it once every 30 days. Definitely worth the $12 though if you’d like to support the developers, as an avid PC user I can assure you that nothing tops this. [highlight]This is the best email client.[/highlight] Also, they have frequent discounts on the $12 and there’s always a coupon code available from a quick Google search every time I’ve looked.

Just another small tool to help you make your home business more efficient!

It all helps and any tool that can free up a few minutes of your day without having to do anything other than sign in the first time that you install it is worth a look.