Computers for Business

Computers for Business

Business and computers go hand in hand in 2016, which means that running a business in this day and age will more than likely require you to be fairly up to speed with modern technology and computers. A gap in this area can hinder progress more than one might think. If you’re not sure what you’re doing with your data, you could lose everything – Your spreadsheets/bookkeeping, planning and ideas, portfolio, customer data, the list goes on…

If you lost all of your data you would have two options: Re-produce it or quit.

If you want to continue your business and avoid trouble with your taxes at the end of the year, you would have to dedicate time and resources to re-producing all of that data.

Learning all you need to know to catch up can be very time-consuming, and counter productive when starting a new business in any field. You’ll end up taking on way too much if you’re not careful. Fortunately, it can be broken down and you can focus on just the “essentials” to get by and you can look into learning further tricks when your business is up and running and you’re doing well with the basics.

It’s no secret that building and maintaining your own website for your business is by far the most cost effective way to do it, and in all honesty it isn’t that hard, but depending on how big a gap you need to fill in terms of computing knowledge it could be a few steps or feel like a million miles away at this point. The same might apply to e-mail marketing, a near-essential aspect of any modern business that wants repeat custom or to turn leads into sales.

This section will break things down into the basics as we go along and will focus on the business use of technology and computers, and how we can easily use them to our advantage in business whether we’re working alone or with a team. It will cover the basics and the very beginner topics up to around the intermediate level with more being added as time goes on.

Making websites, setting up online profiles, creating and integrating an e-mail marketing campaign will become so much easier when you know the basics and everything that leads up to that sort of thing. So, keep reading, re-read if you need to, but most importantly… TAKE ACTION. ‘Doing’ is the best way to learn and to make it stick in your mind. So try to implement some of the suggestions before moving on if you can.

You can jump to specific sections from here if you want to skip ahead to the bits you need the most.
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