Business Development

Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur?

Growing a business is tough. There’s no two ways about this. Even Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles in their first year of trading. There are no miraculous short cuts, but I suspect you knew that already.

I suspect that like myself and many other entrepreneurs that you’re determined to grow your business, willing to put in the hard work, and you have a product/service that you’re passionate about.

The next part is getting that organised, presentable and ‘out there’.

There are areas that you can grow in that will put you and your business at an advantage. Being open to learning new skills and information is the most powerful thing you could do. Just as a Video Game Developer would learn new software as times have moved from Atari games to Playstation 4, there are things you can learn that will help you stay competitive in today’s digital world.

Business Development is a broad category and there are many different ways to develop a business.  Our website primarily focuses on the knowledge and skills you need to be a solo-entrepreneur or to run a small business. Our website also pays great attention to the digital aspects of running a business, such as social media marketing and SEO for example.

What we aim to provide is the information you need to stay ahead where the business world meets the digital world.

Whether you run a clothing label or a kebab van there is information here to help you excel in things like digital marketing, personal development, converting sales, planning a business and so on.

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