Amazon Drone Out Any Competition…

Amazon is looking more tempting to customers than ever, with the implementation of drone deliveries. Being able to deliver lightweight (5lbs or less) products in around 30 minutes, Amazon is leaving little room for other retailers to compete.

Whilst only in testing phases currently, imagine where this will be in 5 years. That means for FBA sellers there’s even more incentive to expand their product lines now and for a good foreseeable future. [Source, The Guardian]

A particular appeal is the environmentally friendliness this delivery method offers. One day drones will be able to carry much more weight, deliver bigger orders, and contribute less harm to the environment than shipping and deliveries currently do. Sorry van drivers, maybe Elon Musk will invent the electric delivery van at some point.

Also worth a mention is Amazon’s progress in the grocery department as of late. Analysts are predicting Amazon will take up 3% of the UK grocery market by 2020, which is worrying of course to big-name supermarkets recently suffering sales losses.

Whilst this may sound like a small percentage, it must be remembered that this market doesn’t really grow much, so any gain for Amazon comes straight off of a competitor. [Source, The Guardian]

All the more reason to become an Amazon seller – If we can’t beat them we may as well join them!