About The Owner

About The Owner

All content on this website has been researched and written by myself, Vikki Hall. I am from Slough in Berkshire, UK and I have working for myself for a few years now. I like to experiment with many fascinating ways to make money from the internet, I have done quite well with e-commerce, marketing, sports arbitrage, graphic design, web building and marketing consultancy.

I started by drop shipping on eBay using Amazon as a supplier, taking advantage of gaps in pricing and purchasing trends. I soon after started selling on Amazon via their fulfilment program (FBA). First through retail arbitrage (clearance items from chain stores and warehouses) and then through importing from China.

I have also helped other Entrepreneurs learn the skills needed for both eBay drop shipping and Amazon FBA. In February 2015 I came across Matched Betting, a very easy way to make between £1300-£1600 a month with the right approach. Whilst doing this I introduced others to the same site that I used for this method. Using these methods to make a liveable income from I have a lot of free time to research and learn more about entrepreneurial opportunities and experiment with them.

I am also studying towards a Business and Management BA (Hons) degree with The Open University, which is a distance learning university offering many qualifications that are flexible for adults with lives, work, kids etc. It is a great choice if you’re looking to study whilst running a business and many small business owners are expanding their knowledge and personal development.

I read as much as I can online. Forums, AMA’s and the occasional eBook about entrepreneurship, particularly the digital side. This is what you’ll find on this website mainly, information, tools and products pertaining to the digital side of business.

Outside of all the serious business stuff I’m a music lover and a bit of a geek. I love learning new things on my computer, such as web building and using so many different types of software for creative or educational purposes. I play guitar as well, and I have been a casual bedroom guitarist for over 10 years, with a few experiences of playing on stage in a band! I can also play bass guitar and drums, and have taught relatives and friends how to play to a basic level and how to read a simplified form of music. Due to that I have the ability to coach beginners in a friendly and patient way so that they understand.

I love all things technology and can research my way through anything and love figuring out problems with innovative ideas and solutions. Check out my services page if you’re interested in hiring my services for your growing business.

The services available on this website are performed by myself. I have a very wide set of skills that are constantly being added to and refreshed as technology moves faster and faster each day. I am able to keep up with these changes relatively easily where many struggle with all of the changes and jargon. These are the strengths I can bring to your business when it comes to marketing, sales, presentation and research.

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I look forward to speaking and working with some very dedicated, passionate business owners. Thanks for stopping by!

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